MESAJE DIN UE. Jurnalismul agricol european s-a manifestat la superlativ, în România

Pentru cei 31 de jurnaliști străini, Agri Press Trip-ul organizat de asociația noastră în PREMIERĂ pentru agricultura României și pentru presa agricolă romanească a fost cu siguranță un eveniment reușit din toate punctele de vedere: informații, networking, organizare, spirit de echipă, prietenie, socializare.

Pentru noi ca asociație perioada următoare este la fel de importantă ca și evenimentul însuși. Începem colectarea reacțiilor post-eveniment și a tuturor materialelor ce vor fi publicate.

Redăm câteva dintre mesajele primite imediat după evenimentul AGRI PRESS TRIP by A.P.A.R.

Katharina Seuser – presedinte ENAJ şi Jef Verhaeren – presedinte onorific ENAJ

Dear Nicoleta, chairwoman of APAR,
Herewith I want to thank you, your team and APAR again for inviting us for the most informative press trip. The program was excellent: We visited dairy farmers, crop, vegetable and fruit producers and we learned to know how they manage their farms. The number of our questions showed our interest in their work.

You also introduced us to successful entrepreneurs, like Paula. Their ideas to create brands for traditional specialties adds value to the locally produced food, creates awareness for the diverse traditions and gives work and dignity to the people of the region. Working on concepts for ecotourism and promoting the natural treasure of the Danube delta is another important activity towards a sustainable future of Romania.

The press tour was a big success. Every visiting day was perfectly organized. Every journalist got the information and the pictures needed for reporting. We enjoyed the cultural presentations and your hospitality.

We are looking towards working together with APAR for a strong network of European agricultural journalists!

Best regards
Katharina Seuser, chairman, and Jef Verhaeren, honorary president

Marc Nicolle, Franta: „We had a super trip with a very friendly ambiance and very pleasant moments, and interesting subjects to cover. This trip is made to keep links after. I hope we will keep these links”.

Chris McCullough, Irlanda de Nord/UK: „Good morning from a sunny Northern Ireland. I hope you all made it back home safe and ok with as many extra kgs in luggage and in belly as I did!
It certainly was a super trip organised by APAR but I feel we only touched the surface of what Romania can offer in terms of agriculture.
I have a series of stories coming on the plus (and minus) of farming there so it should all be quite interesting.
It was great to meet you all and I was very happy to be part of the group.

If you need any freelance stories or photos from farming around the world, please let me know.
And also, even though it is a controversial subject, I do write a lot about Brexit – good or bad – because as an impartial journalist I have no opinion on the matter!

Keep in touch!

Marianne Stamm, Elvetia: „I am still living on the wonderful memories of the last week with you. It was just amazing. Alois Hodel, my Swiss counterpart, commented on how impressed he was that you as a team stayed with us until the last was on his way home. He thought we Swiss would go home after the evening ceremonies of saying goodbye. After all, everyone was at the airport hotel and knew how to get home from there… you are a very dedicated team and really took such good care of us!”.

Fritz Fleege, Germania: „I got home well again. It was a great trip with a lot of highlights. I will be able to write a lot about it. Romania liked me, especially the people. I would like to thank you and your colleagues. You have organized everything great. Thanks a lot for this.
Best wishes and all the best”.

Jeremy Hobson, UK: „I am sorry it has taken so long for me to write and thank you all for a wonderful and very educational week. It was a fantastic experience and I learned a great deal about farming and the environment in Romania.

I have a great deal of information as a result and look forward to writing about it all in future articles of mine.

Thank you all so much for your obvious hard work and effort – and for making the trip such an enjoyable and unforgettable experience.

With all best wishes and kind regards,


Adrian Bell, UK: „It’s been a week since we all finished the tour, so apologies for the delay! But I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to you and ALL the organising team at APAR, your sponsors and all your hosts, for making us so welcome in Romania for your first ENAJ press tour. Please forward this e-mail to everyone – it was a wonderful week, I learnt and saw a lot, and the hospitality was so warm and welcoming. It was great to be back in Romania again after such a long time, and to see first-hand all the changes that have happened over quarter of a century. You really did us proud in terms of tour content, organisation and enjoyment; I shall remember the trip for a long time to come, value its content, make use of its findings, treasure its memories, and look forward to seeing you all again at some time in the future.

With very best regards,


Katharina Seuser, Chairwoman of ENAJ: Thank you, APAR, the Romanian association of agricultural journalists!

These were the first words to come into my mind, after visiting Romania. In June, the Romanian guild invited ENAJ journalists to Dobrogea, in the south-east. Led by Nicoleta Dragomir, president, APAR organized a program that impressed everybody. We visited dairy, crop, fruit and vegetable farms, explored the Danube delta nature reserve and saw Europe’s biggest farm – 57,000 hectares!. Analysts expect Romania to become a leading country in crop production; colleagues who’d known the country for a long time were amazed by the changes towards an efficient and sustainable agriculture. What’s more, the hospitality of farmers, entrepreneurs and our APAR colleagues was overwhelming. Read the report of Jeremy Hobson, member of the British guild, in the second part of this newsletter and you’ll be convinced that this is not fake news! On our website, you can also read an overview of the trip and introductions to the APAR members (

MESAJ de la ENAJ (European Network for Agricultural Journalists), federația europeană în care România și jurnalismul agricol românesc sunt reprezentate de A.P.A.R.: „We would like to extend a big thank you to our friends in the Romanian guild for their hospitality on the recent successful low budget trip there. It was a remarkable trip, well organised and with lots to see. Congratulations to our friends in Romania for a truly amazing few days. Take a bow one and all!”.

Nicoleta Dragomir, chiarwoman of A.P.A.R. (Agricultural Press Association in Romania): The Agricultural Press Association in Romania – A.P.A.R. – is one of the youngest guilds in ENAJ but this was not an disadvantage when we have decided to organize our first press trip for ENAJ ag journalists between 19 and 25 of June, 2017. We chose to visit an interesting region in Romania (by agricultural meanings) – Dobrogea and to enclose in our trip one of the national symbols in our country: the Danube Delta.

“Meet the Romanian Agriculture” – this was our invitation and I am sure that after one week of the journalistic trip our guests have many themes to write about. Beyond all agricultural informations we had also time for networking, fun, talking each other and making new friends. The foreign journalists enjoyed the Romanian hospitality, the food and wine and our hosts were very open and they were waiting us with many beautiful surprises like national music performers and folk dances. So the agriculture was perfectly bonded with the local traditions.
I’ve always said that the safest, the reliable and the fastest way to promote the agriculture in one country is to show it to the agricultural journalists. Seen through the eyes of a specialized journalist the agriculture, the farmers and their work and daily strugle will always be the most certain and realistic overviewed. That is why we have invited 31 AG-journalists from 12 countries throughout EU to join the first Romanian Agri Press Trip. Together with the 13 members of A.P.A.R. (the organizing team) and 6 journalists from two national TV stations (agricultural broadcasting) we formed a multinational and multicultural group of 50 agricultural journalists!

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