Objectives and activities of the Romanian Agricultural Press Association

Below are some of the objectives we have assumed, part of them included in the Statute of the Romanian Agricultural Press Association.

A.P.A.R. has the following main purposes:
• Promoting and supporting the socio-professional interests of its members in relations with state bodies, various institutions as well as with other organizations.
• Exchanges of information and experience between its members as well as with journalists  at national level and abroad.
• Promoting and capitalizing on the knowledge of journalists in the field of agricultural press in Romania.
• Organizing training and information courses, symposia and specialized conferences.
• Supporting the “School of Journalism” in training new specialized journalists.
• Active collaboration with  similar organizations.
• Initiating, supporting and organizing professional scientific and cultural activities.
• Development of programs and materials for informing , educating and shaping the public opinion.• The Romanian Agricultural Press Association supports the professional interests of young journalism specialists in relation to the Ministry of Agriculture and other institutions of the Romanian State, involved in  carrying out the journalistic profession.

A.P.A.R. has the following main objectives:
• Supporting agricultural press journalists in Romania.
• Cooperation with other organizations, foundations, institutions, in order to ensure and achieve the goals of the association.
• Fundraising and obtaining sponsorships, for the financial support of the association’s goals.
• Cultivating links with other similar organizations and strengthening the journalism school in Romania.
• Production, editing and distribution of newspapers, magazines, editorials, books, other periodicals, leaflets, posters, brochures.
• Organizing specialized scientific events.
• Supporting courses and professional training activities.
• The association can also carry out projects with “recommended value” for European / international institutions, able / obliged to react, in certain situations (related, for example, to the field approached or even to the area of ​​freedom of expression, that of professional deontology).
• To initiate, promote and / or participate in the elaboration of legislative proposals regarding both the approached field, as well as the exercise of the journalistic profession.
• Carrying out events, awarding prizes, distinctions and titles, recognizing and encouraging performance.
• Establishing the profession of specialized journalist within the agricultural field, both among the guild of journalists, as well as in the world of businessmen in the field, of the legislature and, in general, in the public conscience.
• Obtaining facilities for  specialized journalists, related to access to information,
but also in the case of civic and relaxation activities.
• Setting up information flows (intranet / internet), open to the members of the association, counseling and support in the professional activity of members.