About us

• a premiere of agrarian journalists

The idea of ​​association is often mentioned when it comes to Romanian agriculture. This time, the subject related to the association is transferred to the area of ​​journalists working in the agricultural press. The reason is represented by the appearance of the first national structure that brings together Romanian journalists, concerned with agriculture and rural development and the reflection, through specific products, of the activity in the field of agriculture in Romania.

Discussions about the need for the existence of a profile association in Romania were held at each meeting with similar associations of agrarian journalists in Europe and with European forums.

The Romanian Agricultural Press Association (A.P.A.R.) is a non-profit, apolitical, non-governmental, independent, non-profit or patrimonial organization, which carries out / deals with  specific educational activities and defends the interests of journalists from the agricultural press.

The Romanian Agricultural Press Association (APAR) is the initiative of five media representatives from our country and today brings together 53 active members, people involved in informing the public on agricultural issues, from print journalists, radio, online, to TV producers , reporters, cameramen, photojournalists, webmasters.

Since 2017 we have been joined by agricultural companies, farmers and professional associations of farmers who, as supporting members will financially and logistically support the organization of A.P.A.R.

The first ordinary meeting of the General Assembly of the Romanian Agricultural Press Association took place on June 27, 2013, in Bucharest.  We  elected the A.P.A.R. Board of Directors and, in order to ensure decision-making transparency, we have established the Honorary Council of the Association, which represents the commission for the admission of new members and manages the critical situations that have arisen between the associated members or in the functioning of the Association.


  • Promoting and supporting the socio-professional interests of its members in relations with state bodies, various institutions, as well as with similar organizations.
  • The assertion of the profession of journalist specialized in the agricultural field, both among the guild of journalists,
    as well as in the world of businessmen in the field, of the legislature and, in general, in the public conscience. Initiating, supporting and organizing professional scientific and cultural activities in the agricultural field.
  • Cooperation with other organizations, foundations, institutions, to ensure and achieve the goals of the association.
    Initiating and supporting legislative initiatives to support agricultural journalism and information in agriculture
    from Romania.

Carrying out events, awarding prizes, distinctions and titles, recognizing and encouraging performance.

We believe in the perspective of a professional journalistic approach, achieved with the help of the newly created structure, and in order to achieve the objectives that the Romanian Agricultural Press Association has established in the medium and long term, we count on an active collaboration with governmental and non-governmental institutions / organizations.

One of our main goals has already been achieved by joining, in December 2013, the European Network of Agricultural Journalists – ENAJ.

Since  September 19, 2019, the A.P.A.R. is a full member of the International Federation of Agrarian Journalists (IFAJ), along with 54 other similar associations around the world.

The A.P.A.R. Board of Directors

NICOLETA DRAGOMIR – founding member, president
LIVIU GORDEA – founding member, vice president
PETRONELA MIHAI – founding member, vice president
MARIUS GAVRILĂ – vice president
MIRELA-IOANA SCARLAT – vice president
SORIN-TIBERIU BUNGESCU – general secretary