The event “GREEN DEAL – PACT and IMPACT”, will take place on May 12, 2021, on the ZOOM Pro platform, and is dedicated to members of the Romanian Agricultural Press Association, journalists, communicators and representatives of the agricultural sector who want to know exclusively, directly from the special guests of the conference, the newest information regarding the future European agricultural reform.

The impact of the European Green Deal and the European Commission’s new set of policy initiatives have the overall goal of making Europe climate-neutral by 2050, out of a desire to protect the health of European citizens.

“The topic chosen for debate is one of vital importance for all sectors of the European economy, but especially for agriculture, and we, as journalists, want to understand what the future of Romanian farms (and not only) will look like. We believe that our profession is the link between the political and economic environment, farmers receive information through us, so it is important to understand and have direct contact with decision-makers at the European level. It is an important moment that we are witnessing, a moment of policy reform at the European and national level and, precisely for this reason, our association considered such a project necessary, which will surely be followed by other similar events”, explained Nicoleta Dragomir, the president of APAR.

Promoting an intelligent, resilient and diversified agricultural sector, in order to improve food security, is a challenge for Romania due to its highly polarized agricultural structure. Despite a one-third reduction in the number of farms in the last ten years, Romania continues to be the country with the largest number of farms in the EU. However, only a quarter of farms receive direct payments. The vast majority are subsistence and semi-subsistence farms that produce mainly for their own consumption. They are poorly equipped and not market-oriented. On the other hand, only a small part of the holdings are large, competitive and market-oriented.

How can the Green Pact be implemented, given that, as we know, the Commission wants to reduce the use of pesticides by 50%, fertilizers by 20% and antibiotics for farm animals by 50% in the next ten years? Let’s find some of the answers on May 12, from the guests of the conference “GREEN DEAL – PACT and IMPACT”.

The “GREEN DEAL – PACT and IMPACT” conference will benefit from a wide post-event promotion, in print and online, through all the media available to A.P.A.R. members.

The event will also be attended by foreign journalists, our association being a full member of the IFAJ (International Federation of Agricultural Journalists), along with 54 other countries in the world and of ENAJ (European Network of Agricultural Journalists).


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